The importance of hiring a reliable construction company

The importance of hiring a reliable construction company

When your business begins planning a commercial buildout, hiring a reliable, trustworthy commercial building contractor and construction company is the key to success. For buildouts, you want a contractor and construction company that are expert in project management, as they will be

responsible for engaging the vendors and sub-contractors, ensuring premium quality, and keeping your project on time and budget. With the right construction company and contractor, every aspect of your buildout will be managed and carried out appropriately, from plumbing to interior design, and everything in between.

At Betterbuilt Builders, the team knows the importance of quality materials and workmanship, the significance of keeping your project on time and within your budgetary constraints, and hiring the sub-contractors need to do complete your project successfully. Experienced contractors and their companies know the ways to save time and money without sacrificing quality and workmanship. Betterbuilt Builders and its commercial building contractors maintain business relationships with the most trusted sub-contractors in the business to ensure your buildout is done right, on budget and on time.


The goal for your business buildout is a quality result which helps you build your brand and continue to grow your business. A reliable commercial contractor and a reliable construction company delivers as expected on time and on budget always meeting project requirements and often exceeding them. A trustworthy general contractor takes care of all the details to accomplish the task, including access to trusted sub-contractors.

Dependent on your contract with them, your general contractor and construction company, will likely take on a number of responsibilities including estimating/bidding your buildout project. They will work alongside your architect, selected subcontractors, and all key members of the construction team to ensure your project meets all building codes and stays on time and budget. In addition, they will negotiate with trusted sub-contractors for each job within the buildout project, create a detailed schedule for workers to follow, obtain all needed permits, and schedule building inspections. The building contractor will ensure any temporary facilities needed are onsite, negotiate the cost of

materials for the project, maintain detailed financial records, distribute funds as needed to vendors, sub-contractors, etc., and ensure all recyclables and waste are properly handled. Finally, your contractor will troubleshoot all issues on the job site.

As you can see, a reliable general contractor and construction company, handles all the difficult tasks, meets with all those involved weekly handling project updates and ensuring your buildout

project is done right. Most importantly, a trusted general contractor meets with you as requested, communicating project progress and any issues which have arisen.


When interviewing companies and contractors for your buildout, there are several questions you should ask to find the ideal company and contractor for your project like these:

  • Have you worked on projects like this in the past? How many?
  • Can I see examples of these projects and speak with references regarding them?
  • What is the average cost per square foot for a project like mine?
  • What is the average time to completion for a project like this?
  • How do you ensure safety continually?


Working with the trusted team at BetterBuilt Builders delivers a number of benefits for your business’s buildout project. With BetterBuilt, you’ll gain the most cost effective and timely quality buildout available. BetterBuilt Builders will be responsible for onsite issues, always communicating with you, and working to save you time and money. At BetterBuilt, you’ll find a reliable, professional team of experts who promises to deliver exceptional results with the highest quality materials and workmanship, always on time and on budget.