About Us Building Better Tomorrows - Today

Betterbuilt Builders is the partner of choice for savvy Tristate clients who are building, expanding or remodelling their properties. With an unparalleled focus on quality, attention to detail and efficiency, Betterbuilt brings dream projects to life.

Our Motto: You Deserve Better

In the competitive and demanding world of New York construction, we set out to do things better. Every client is an only client, with our entire team dedicated to providing an elite experience from early planning through ribbon-cutting.

The Betterbuilt Story

A decade and a half ago, Shlomy Pollak entered the world of construction with modest job responsibilities and bold dreams. Working for prominent New York developer Joel Schwartz, Shlomy began making his bones in the rough-and-tumble world of New York real estate. 

After learning the ropes and rising through the ranks, he took the leap in 2016 and launched Betterbuilt Builders, a multifaceted general contracting firm that has become synonymous with quality, efficiency, speed and results. His reputation for excellence has helped the fledgling company make an impact on the industry, and today Betterbuilt counts itself among New York’s proudest and most reliable construction firms.

Why us:


It’s in our DNA. We provide the best because you expect the best. Experience the perfection and attention to detail that an only client receives.

Better Quality for Better Rates

We look out for top supplies and your bottom line. Our reputation for the best at the best price makes us the choice for savvy developers and property owners.

Code and Safety Compliance

Safety is everything here. Not only so that we comply with relevant laws but because it’s our duty and our responsibility to our team and partners.

We take the headaches off your head and make it ours. The elite back office team ensures that everything is handled with utmost proficiency and efficiency.
Smooth Projects
We are driven by systems that prioritize smooth results and minimize hiccups and unnecessary road bumps. That is what Betterbuilt clients deserve.
Quick Turnaround
Time is money, and nowhere is this most true than in real estate. We stick to our timelines and are committed to being in and out in the timeframe that you require.